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1Violinbwoy – REQUIEM
2Violinbwoy – DUB
Label Tribe 84 Records  TEFDBPL3
Format 10"
Country UK
Released 2021
Condition M (Mint)  Please listen to the sample!
Comment Classic Død – Violinbwoy dubplate from 2011 coming your way, exactly 10 years after its creation! This release, heavily inspired by marvellous Requiem for a Dream OST, takes us on a mystical journey. On this musical expedition we are driven around full frequency spectrum by orchestral instrumentation and sub bass pressure. Make no mistake – this is pure sound system ammunition, reserved for the fittest of the fittest, ready to skank in a dance at 6AM with lights on.
Side A contains dub interpretation of the famous theme, played, produced and mixed by Violinbwoy in his studio. This one was made during the same studio session as one of previous Violinbwoy releases on
TRIBE 84 Records – Thunder of Justice. It preserves dark vibes of OST with few musical spices here and there, FX sounds to kick it even higher on the mountain and create an avalanche of pure, unforgettable melodies. Especially those below 50Hz. On the flipside we are finding slightly more roots & culture vibes thanks to focus on drum and bass section as well as usage of our beloved dub instrument – melodica. When combined with hypnotizng dub mix it makes a perfect meditation tune for all sound system lovers out there.
Over the last decade these two were played all over the globe, from East Village radio in Manhattan, New York to Imperial Sound Army Sound System in Italy. Now it’s time to end its dubplate status and feed all hungry dubheads with this polivinyl release.
Genre Dub,  Steppers
Tags New Releases