Violinbwoy meets Jerry Lions & Vale Schwarzbeck – Bongo



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AViolinbwoy meets Jerry Lions & Vale Schwarzbeck – Bongo
BViolinbwoy meets Jerry Lions & Vale Schwarzbeck – Bongo Dub
Label Tribe 84 Records  TEF12008
Format 12"
Country Poland
Released 2021
Condition M (Mint)  Please listen to the sample!
Comment Here it comes – one of a kind collaboration between group of artists. All from different countries, different ages and musical backgrounds, but united through love of dub music. First, base riddim idea, prepared in Poland by Violinbwoy travelled straight to the UK to be filled up by warm, flowing bass line from the legend himself – Jerry Lionz. Then it was transferred to Germany for a special musical treatment by none other than Vale. Trumpet master that needs no introduction to any dub lover. All of these musical ingredients, carefully gathered under supervision of Jaszol from Roots Revival Sound System, came back to Poland where thrown in to a special dub pot and mixed by Violinbwoy, formed a final, delicious 12 inch roots & culture main dish called ‘Bongo’.

Self explanatory title on A side. ‘Bongo’ is a percussion driven instrumental track, with accompanying trumpet, playing throughout the whole duration of a track. There’s no place to rest your ears from sweet sound of brass instrumentation. Simply focus and experience musical story told by Vale. A trance in which you find yourself after only few seconds could be an answer to why Channel One Sound System picked up this dub to drop at their sessions countless times, during past few years.

Side B leads the way of your focus to drum and bass. This is not just any bass though. This is bass line composed and recorded by legendary Twinkle Brothers member – Jerry Lionz. Simple yet heavy line, a glamorous lure for any dubhead to dive deeper into the space of reverbs and delays circling around dub arena. Dark, metallic mix is a verified skanking gem. Tested by the biggest in dub world to bring joy, upliftment and reach higher heights

Genre Dub,  Roots Reggae
Tags New Releases