Guiding Star Orchestra – Upfull Melody


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AGuiding Star Orchestra – Upfull Melody
BGuiding Star Orchestra – Upfull Dub
Label Tribe 84 Records  TEF7002
Format 7"
Country UK
Released 2020
Condition M (Mint)  Please listen to the sample!
Comment Upfull Melody is the first single from a forthcoming LP by a collective of musicians called Guiding Star Orchestra based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The track and the album was recorded in the summer of 2016 completely without the use of digital technology. The mix was then done from multitrack 2 inch tape to ¼ tape, and the mastering from ¼ tape to ½ tape. When you record without the possibility of post-editing and cutting, you have to focuse on the most important thing – which is the vibe. This has been the philosophy of the recording sessions. Upfull Melody is offered in respect of the strong roots and culture scene, and it is our wish that it can also be used for soundsystem dances that focuses on a strong positive meditation.
Lovely colourful vinyl repress.
Genre Dub,  Roots Reggae
Tags New Releases,  Repress